Active Spirituality: A Guide for Seekers and Ministers

by Kent I. Groff . The Alban Institute, 1993.

Christian spirituality is “one beggar telling another beggar where to find food.” With these words, author Kent Ira Groff introduces the reader to 'Active Spirituality,' a combination of theological reflections and practical exercises for spiritual development. Noting that “we all seek and minister,” Groff writes this book for both clergy and laity. He outlines his understanding of spiritual development in the opening chapters, where he uses images of “homesickness” and “homecomings” to explain the life of faith. 'Active Spirituality' then explores five classical disciplines that contribute to spiritual development. Each chapter ends with several practical exercises devoted to experiencing growth through these spiritual disciplines. True to its title, the book balances active and contemplative, “left brain” and “right brain,” rational and experiential, Eastern and Western approaches to spirituality. It is designed to be used by individuals and congregations from diverse denominational affiliations for personal prayer, group study, weekend retreats, and educational workshops.