Aspen Group

Remington, IN. (888) 241-9980.

Jim Smith, RVP, is the main contact for Indy area projects.

Description from website:

Aspen Group has a long heritage of excellence. We are part of FBi Buildings, a company founded in 1958 by Edwin A. Bahler. Edwin was an entrepreneur and also a lay pastor. He combined hard work, self-discipline and innovation with Biblical principles. As a result, FBi attracted gifted employees that have a heart for making a difference.

That desire to serve the Kingdom soon found opportunity in church architecture and construction - a natural fit for FBi. Over time, church design and construction became a large portion of FBi's overall business. To reflect that, and demonstrate our commitment to the church market, Aspen Group was established as a separate company. The creation of Aspen Group allows us to clearly focus on serving churches and para-church organizations.
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