Attentive to God: Spirituality in the Church Committee

by Karen M. Yust. Chalice Press, 2001.

Most churches, says Karen Marie Yust, have adopted a corporate model of decision-making that has resulted in spirituality being separated from the administrative and leadership tasks of the congregation. As a result, our current models of decision-making often prevent us from hearing God’s voice and experiencing God’s presence as we serve. Yust presents a new model that focuses attention on God and God’s role in the committee’s work. The book balances theory and practice by discussing the spiritual and theological aspects of the new model and by offering resources for specific groups within the congregation. In the third chapter of 'Attentive to God', the author walks the reader step-by-step through a process of planning devotional opportunities for committees dealing with specific issues or problems. Subsequent chapters explore devotional activities for a variety of committees—including education, outreach, finance, property, parish care, and the executive committee or board. Keeping both the theological and practical tasks of committee work before the reader, this book offers a useful tool for clergy and lay congregational leaders seeking to take a new and more spiritually focused approach to the administrative tasks of God’s church.