Bridges to Success

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Bridges to Success is designed to help students succeed in school.
Aside from academic success, we also aim to strengthen families and build community support for our schools.
Bridges to Success began as a community school coordination initiative that United Way and Indianapolis Public Schools co-created to provide every child with the education he or she deserves. Now, Bridges to Success works with select IPS schools to help remove the barriers to learning by connecting additional resources with schools.
What is a community school council?
In full-service community schools, community coordinators work tirelessly to knock down the barriers keeping students from taking full advantage of their education. The coordinators make sure parents, the community and business partners are invited, informed and involved in school-wide goals and activities.
Who is on a community school council?
School councils are comprised of a large network of people, including: Principal, teachers, parents, family members, students, social workers, providers, community partners, businesses, faith communities, PTA/PTO members and officers, neighborhood residents, and the school community coordinator.
What does the council do?
• Align activities to assist the school in achieving their academic goals.
• Review the school's programs and services and recommend what resources are needed.
• Conduct annual evaluations of their actitivies.