Christian Reformed Home Mission's Small Group and Discipleship Division

Grand Rapids, MI . (800) 266-2175.

Based in the Christian Reformed Church, the Christian Reformed Home Mission’s Small Group and Discipleship division provides resources that aid in creating small group environments. The main small group model is called “Coffee Break” and is intended to be a relaxed small group experience that includes bible study and community with an evangelistic focus. There are free leadership and group resources for Coffee Break available. In addition there are links to other small group curriculum available for a fee from Faith Alive Christian Resources. There is also contact information to request small group training from the Home Mission’s team. Coaching is also available based on region and on ethnicity including Korean, Latino, Black and Urban, and Native American/First Nation. Currently coaching is only offered for Christian Reformed Churches. These resources would be beneficial for those looking for training on how to create small groups and those looking for curriculum.