Creating Caring and Capable Boards: Reclaiming the Passion for Active Trusteeship

by Katherine T. Scott. Jossey-Bass, 2000.

Author Katherine Tyler Scott contends that nonprofit and church boards could better serve their institutions, their clients or membership, and themselves. She proposes serious time and work for discovery, reflection, and analysis about both ends and means—not only for the institution, but also for board members' own lives. Ongoing vitality is not to be found in "answers." Rather, it is to be found in current and prospective board members, senior staff, and clients or parishioners attending to relevant questions about the organization and its history, future, mission, and publics. The author’s decade of field experience shows in a compact text and especially in her tables, matrices, and forms. The executive, the board chair, and the consultant will find immediately useable templates for helping a church board grapple responsibly with immediate and future reality—for their church, their place in it, and their own lives.