Debtcibel: a Non-technical Sound Book that Teaches the Church How to Spend, When to Spend and Who to Spend It On

by Darius Fong. Audio Must Preach, 2012.

Few people comment when sound systems work properly, but when amplification or tonal quality suffers . . . everyone comments and not positively either. Grammy-winning sound engineer Darius Fong promotes excellent sound systems in this resource that shows congregations how to achieve beautiful sounds that silence many congregational complaints. For Fong, beautiful sound is not necessarily the result of the most expensive sound equipment, hiring a professional sound engineer, or even slightly upgrading the current equipment. Fong suggests that other factors take priority and contribute to an effective sound system. Assessing and working with the acoustics of the space, having a core of well-trained volunteers, appreciating the importance of an effective and workable sound system, and planning for the yet unknown future are four such factors. Fong writes from a Christian perspective, but his non-technical, practical introduction to understanding and assessing sound systems is appropriate for many religious traditions.