How We Seek God Together: Exploring Worship Style

Video. The Alban Institute, 2001.

Reporting on a study of worship in three Methodist congregations, the authors of 'How We Seek God Together' reveal that discussions of worship style often become flash points of conflict, staked upon the image of God constructed or implied by the style. Old worship routines—continued only because a congregation has “always done it this way”—may feel lifeless after a congregation's piety grows in new ways. On the other hand, a congregation should resist discontinuing its “signature symbols” (those elements which distinguish a congregation's spiritual life by demonstrating its understanding of God's world and their place in it). Because there is no one right way to worship, each congregation is urged to conduct self-study before making significant changes. To assist congregations in exploring their theology and worship style, the book is accompanied by a videotape, which provides vivid examples of worship elements from the three churches studied. The book and videotape will be useful to any who are considering worship patterns—including pastors, lay congregational leaders, musicians and choirs, and worship and music committees.