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INJOY (ISS) was founded on the premise that a church needed a ministry partner, not a campaign program. That philosophy has birthed a variety of distinctives that have set us apart. Each of these distinctives is really not so much about us as it is about you – pastor and leader, vision-caster and prophet – and your church family.

Biblically based, using 'the Dr John C Maxwell influence' -- leadership and stewardship hand-in-hand

"Top 5 Mistakes that will kill your Church Fundraising" gives overview of ISS philosophy (attached)

From the website:

OUR PASSION = THE LOCAL CHURCH?Our mission says it all: ISS exists to create stewardship solutions that resource the vision of the local church. For ISS, our calling and sole focus is the church. While other companies diversify with education, non-profit, and private organization fund raising, ISS remains true to its calling and passion of advancing the local church’s mission and vision.
SOLUTIONS FOCUSED?Gone are the days of the one-dimensional stewardship company. In today’s culture, the challenges your church faces in the areas of leadership and stewardship are multifaceted. You may need to expand, yet also need to equip young families in the area of personal finance. Your annual budget may need targeted attention, while you have others that are able to make a significant contribution that will leave a legacy well beyond them. We understand this; whatever the challenge, we can help you with the solution. That’s the ISS difference.
ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT?Our Environmental Assessment is a critical distinctive as we engage with your church. Just as your church’s culture is different from the church next door, so also, the solution ISS brings must be different. Through this process, we learn who you are, how you worship and do ministry, what you say yes to, and what you say no to. Then, we work with you to design the solution in such a way that is it distinctly yours. That’s the ISS difference.
SPIRITUAL JOURNEY?The vision of your church is all about what God is doing in and through your people. In 1 Chronicles 28, the people rejoiced because they made a whole-hearted offering to the Lord. The approach we bring is one rooted in God’s word and prayer. Our experience together is more than a process, it a Spiritual Journey. That’s the ISS difference.
LEADERSHIP: The John C. Maxwell Influence?John C. Maxwell is the recognized authority on Leadership today. ISS was founded in 1992 out of his desire to help other pastors see their vision become a reality. Since day one, John recognized that Leadership and Stewardship go hand in hand. The value of biblical leadership and stewardship is felt in every ISS campaign. That’s the ISS difference.
CONSULTANTS?Our consulting team has a deep commitment and calling to serve pastors and church leaders across America. All of our consultants are former pastors or senior staff with decades of ministry and consulting experience. Because of our team’s wealth of experience and expertise, we’re equipped to deliver quality coaching to churches of all denominations, sizes, and flavors of ministry. Our proven leadership has provided opportunities for church budgets to be fully funded, projects completed, lives changed, and generations impacted for the cause of Christ. That’s the ISS difference.
FOLLOWTHRU?One of the founding distinctives of ISS is FollowThru. We are committed to partnering with your church throughout the entire giving period of your campaign, so you can expect consultant contact about every 90 days. As a result, churches that actively engage in FollowThru can experience as much as 25% more in receipts than those that don’t. We are committed to seeing you reach your fullest potential. That’s the ISS difference.
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS?The implementation of our Financial Analysis to help determine the right solution for you is critical. We know that every church is different and every church’s need is unique. Our in-depth Financial Analysis allows us to see into your church’s giving culture and equips us to guide you towards the right solution. That’s the ISS difference.