Mission Possible: Reaching the Next Generation Through the Small Church

by Terry W. Dorsett. Crossbooks, 2012.

Former small church pastor and denominational leader Terry Dorsett seeks to help churches engage creatively with young people outside the church walls. Dorsett firmly believes that it is possible for churches to make the gospel and the church more user-friendly to outsiders, alter the way the gospel is presented, and still hold to the church’s traditions that are essential to its identity. Specifically, Dorsett suggests three different but interconnected methods for engaging with young people. He wants the church to use its building as an outreach tool and work to make the church the center of the community, both socially and ceremonially. Along the way, Dorsett discusses postmodernism, “attractional” and “missional evangelism,” social media, relationship building, and offers practical ideas and methods to reach nonbelievers. Finally, Dorsett addresses “what to do when the next generation finally comes to church.” Evangelical Christians may be most comfortable with Dorsett’s methods and philosophy.