Neighborhood Transitions, 2/4: Addressing a Changed Location by Relocating the Congregation

by Ed Stetzer. Christianity Today, 2012. Accessed April 14, 2017.

"What are we going to do with the fact that the church has already relocated and yet its building remains in another community?" In this second article in a 4-part series on ministry in changing neighborhoods, author and revitalization expert, Stetzer, asserts that relocation can be a viable response to a changing context. He offers five points for leaders to consider and discuss. They include examining motives for a move to be sure the reason isn’t solely to escape a difficult situation, and looking for ways to help another congregation serve in the current location. He reminds readers that moving to a new location will require intentional engagement with the new community from the start. Despite the fact that relocation sometimes constitutes a retreat from a mission opportunity, Stetzer urges congregations to discern whether the church has ALREADY moved, and set up a meeting place where the church now lives.