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Our people will be extensively trained within their areas. Port-to-Port has built and maintains an internal training program that gives our technical staff hands-on experience with the kinds of equipment, software, and environment they will encounter in our clients' offices. Each person will have an area of expertise, however, each will also be capable of doing the job of his or her peers. Whenever a person has free time, they use it to improve their skills in another area of technology.
This structure follows a federation model. Each project has a leader who is responsible for completing the project on time. Each member's role and responsibility varies from project to project. Each member is important to the success of the organization in his or her own way, but no member is vital to the continuation of the organization. While each has designated responsibilities, they must also have enough skills in other areas of the business to help wherever help is needed.

A necessary requirement for participation in an organization of this type is an insatiable desire to learn new things. Everyone continually strives to learn new things that will enhance their ability to contribute to the organization. To that end, Port-to-Port supports everyone's desire to learn by providing time and, where necessary, money for both formal and informal learning.

The transfer of knowledge is just as important as the desire to learn to the success of Port-to-Port. There is no room for the loner in Port-to-Port. Sharing a new piece of knowledge with our peers is an everyday occurrence. Also, seeking out and tapping into the knowledge of our co-workers in the organization is critical. We always start with the premise that someone else has already solved this problem. We try to find that person. Even if we don't, we may learn some alternate ways to look at the problem we're trying to solve.

Port-to-Port facilitates this knowledge transfer by providing the best tools available for communication within the organization. We search for tools to allow each member of the organization to have access to the corporate knowledge base from his or her desktop. Upgrading and improving these tools is a significant element of our ongoing business strategy. This set of communication tools allows each of us to know the complete history of all interactions with each of our clients. We develop the technical solutions to our clients' needs in a way that allows rapid transfer of responsibility from one person to another. We're also able to determine who currently has responsibility for a particular task. And we're able to determine how we have done things in the past as we move into the future. We have the best tools for information sharing available. Each of us maintains our portions of this knowledge base daily. The overall coordination will be a delineated responsibility.

Each member of this organization takes personal responsibility for his or her actions. Each is responsible for making the most effective use of their time. The rest of the team depend on everyone doing that. At the same time, each of us is responsible for ensuring that all the tasks necessary for the successful operation of our business are given proper attention. We never let something go undone because it's "not my job."

In short, Port-to-Port's services include hardware and software, on-site and remote support, internet access, development, information systems consulting and training.