Recasting of Building Assets, A Process from the Episcopal Church

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Accessed April 19, 2017.

“Recasting of Building Assets” is a creative process from the Episcopal Church. It is for Episcopal congregations who have adequately sized buildings but are struggling financially to maintain their facilities, mission, and ministry. The goal of “Recasting” is to create financially self-sustaining congregations who are clear about their identities, mission, and the role that their facilities play in their local communities and context. The heart of “Recasting” is a consultation process that includes eight scheduled meetings over twelve months. Two other resources are available online: 1) a tool to assess the amount of time a building is occupied, and 2) a list of additional uses for the building that other congregations who have been through the “Recasting” process have accomplished. Some of the alternative uses create revenue, and some do not. Interested Episcopal congregations must apply to participate in “Recasting.” The application is online at the website.