Restoring the Soul. A Study Guide for Service as a Spiritual Activity in Judaism

Restoring the Soul, 2011. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Rabbi, theologian and philosopher, Abraham Joshua Heschel asserted, “The world is sustained by three things: by the Torah, by worship, and by loving deeds.” It is the third of these three things that is addressed in this study guide, developed by Restoring the Soul, an organization that creates partnerships between organizations and volunteers with social service needs within the community of Boulder, Colorado. This twelve week curriculum incorporates some of the voices of the most notable Jewish thinkers throughout history and shares what it means to be Jewish and generous. The study promotes discussion, further study, and practice related to “perspectives on giving and service which are fundamental to being a Jew.” The content includes reflections and discussions of biblical passages, as well as excerpts and quotes from Jewish thinkers like Lawrence Kushner, Abraham Heschel and Rabbi Rami Shapiro. It also includes a provocative exercise on “Maimonides’ Ladder of Charity.” The process is intended to be for study in a small group or learning community interested in contemplating taking action to repair the world and serve others.