The New Metrics: How Do They Look in Your Church?

by Lois Swagerty. Church Central, 2011. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Changing the scorecard - or metrics of success - is a hot topic among leaders these days. In some communities, church leaders are joining business executives, school superintendents, and nonprofit leaders to tackle societal issues like poverty, hunger, and mal-education. In these collaborative partnerships, new ways to measure the greater collective impact are needed. This article describes a new scorecard that targets the shift from an internal to an external focus and from program development to people development. The author provides numerous examples of how churches developed new strategies, new statistics, and new stories to change their scorecards. Examples include changing the scorekeepers, using pictures, asking different questions, changing the statistics, and telling new stories. The primary writer of this Leadership Network white paper was Lois Swagerty; editorial advisors were Reggie McNeal and Eric Swanson, Directors of the Missional Renaissance Leadership Network, and Warren Bird of Leadership Network. Register at Church Central for free access to the article.