11 High-Impact Planning Ideas for Senior Pastors

Blog. Will Mancini. ChurchLeaders, 2011. Accessed June 26, 2019.
Large 11 high impact ideas

Give your vision a litmus test. Increase your culture of collaboration. Create a “stop doing” list - and then execute it. Schedule a benchmarking trip to a larger, faster-growing church. Write down your current and emerging leaders and an action item for investing in each one. These and other ideas on this practical list are relevant for pastors year after year, and many include links to helpful tools and articles. For example, a Clarity Quiz offers ten questions to help you evaluate how well you have articulated and advanced your vision. Another tool, The Vision Frame, includes Five Irreducible Questions of Leadership: What are we doing (mission)? Why are we doing it (values)? How are we doing it (strategy)? When are we successful (measures)? Where is God taking us (vision)? Will Mancini emerged from the trenches of local church leadership and founded Auxano, a consulting ministry that focuses on vision clarity. He has helped hundreds of churches across the country gain vision clarity, including churches within Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and non-denominational settings. Find Mancini’s blog and resources to help build vision clarity at Will Mancini.com .

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