25 Turnaround Strategies for Small-Membership Congregations

by Herb Miller. The Parish Paper, 2009. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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For many years former pastor and church consultant Herb Miller has provided beneficial, practical, and user-friendly material for the church. He has done it again with this free, downloadable guide outlining a three-year revitalization process for small churches. Miller begins with advice for forming a seven-person task force to lead the process. The task force studies, discusses, plans, and leads the congregation through twenty-five “turnaround strategies.” The guide covers various facets of church life and includes relevant questions and exercises throughout. Some strategies are a dose of reality: repeated behaviors produce repeated results. Others are practical: how to care for visitors, update the worship service, lead a stewardship campaign, and improve church facilities. Still others discuss people issues: resistance to and anxiety about change, the church’s self-image, and personal relationships. This resource is primarily for Christians, though other faith traditions can use some of Miller’s ideas and suggestions.