9 Signs Your Church Needs an Intentional Interim Pastor

by Lavern Brown. Pastors.com. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Your pastor is leaving. How does your congregation decide whether or not an intentional, interim pastor is needed? Such a role is sometimes known as a transitional pastor. This article lists eight markers that would suggest that an interim pastor is needed. These markers include a pastor leaving under duress, a lengthy tenure having been completed, or the existence of significant financial challenges. The author of the article is Lavern (Bud) Brown, the president of Transition Ministries Group and a graduate of Western Seminary. The article includes a description of the interim pastor’s job. This list could be adapted by a congregation for use in the interview process. Or, it could be studied as a starting place for creating an intentional interim pastor’s job description. Not every congregation may need an intentional interim. This article will help your congregation learn and discern about this issue. And, if you need an interim, this article will provide practical guidance.