A Center in the Cyclone: Twenty-First Century Clergy Self-Care

by Bruce Epperly. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.

This book offers advice for clergy to lead a healthier lives through spiritual growth and self-care.


self-care, ways to a healthier life, healthy relationships

Best For

Christian clergy and personnel committee


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Suggested Uses

  • Renew a commitment to spiritual growth and self-care by studying this resource in a clergy group, reflecting on ways to implement advice detailed in the book.
  • Share chapter 11 with a personnel committee or a pastor relations committee to discuss healthy relationships within and beyond the congregation.

About the Contributor
Tim Shapiro
Tim is president of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations – of which the CRG is a program. He began serving the Center in 2003 after 18 years in pastoral ministry. He holds degrees from Purdue University and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Tim’s interest in how congregations learn to do new things is represented in his book How Your Congregation Learns.
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