A Field Guide to Contemporary Worship: How to Begin and Lead Band-Based Worship

by Andrew Boesenecker, James Graeser. Augsburg Fortress , 2011.
Large a field guide contemporary worship

In this guide, musician Andrew Boesenecker and pastor Jim Graeser unite to offer readers a bit of theology and a heavy dose of practicality for establishing and improving contemporary worship services. The authors explore the “whys” and “whats” of contemporary worship-how it is defined and what it looks like. They also touch on the theology that undergirds contemporary music. The more practical topics that dominate the book include understanding and operating sound systems, choosing appropriate music for worship, and leading music and musicians in worship. The resource discusses having effective rehearsals and addresses how to place equipment and people in the worship space. Several questionnaires are offered to help leaders evaluate musicians, vocalists, and a performance in general. Also included are spreadsheets which serve as templates for tracking worship music, equipment, and rehearsals. The many practical aspects of this book make it an appropriate resource for clergy, worship leaders, and musicians from any religious tradition.

Curator Curated by Janet Hoover

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