A Vibrant Future for Asian and Hispanic Church Planters Facing Opportunities and Challenges

Blog. Lindy Lowry. August 1, 2013. Accessed September 11, 2018.
Large a vibrant future

Blogger Lindy Lowry reports on two separate meetings sponsored by Exponential with leaders in Hispanic and Asian churches about leadership and ministry among these two ethnic groups. Among Asian leaders, he notes that there is a large pent up capacity among leaders waiting to be activated and mobilized. The problem is that first generation leaders will not share power and responsibility. Among congregations that are able to reach a new generation of Asians, shared leadership and intentional community organization are clear keys to growth. Hispanic leaders are also deeply concerned about reaching a new generation. The leadership issue is somewhat different because second generation leaders are being empowered, but they are often left in subordinate positions. Trust and risk is needed. One leader expects it to take ten to fifteen years for the baton to be passed. But, it must be done. The vision and clear mandate of the Great Commission will eventually trump fear of the future. Other helpful blogs can be found on the {{Exponential website | http://www.exponential.org}}, which is sponsored by a decentralized team of church leaders passionate about church planting and multiplication.

Reviewed by Brian Witwer

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