Adapt to Thrive: How Your Church Must Identify Itself as a Unique Species, Modify Its Dysfunctional Behaviors, and Multiply Its Transformational Influence in Your Community

by John Flowers, Karen Vannoy. Abingdon Press, 2014.
Large adapt to thrive

This book pushes readers to view the church as an organism --- something that must survive through adaption. This resource supplies readers with ten adaptive principles for congregations to thrive.

Offerings: ten adaptive principles, case studies, perspectives that can transform communities

Best For: clergy and lay leaders

Cost: purchase as a book or e-book

Suggested Uses:

  • Diagnose problematic behaviors that hinder congregational growth and learn how to adapt with positive change.
  • Revitalize your congegation's identity by adapting new changes based off the ten principles outlined.

Curator Curated by Beth Booram

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