Adult Milestones Modules

Vibrant Faith Ministries. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Marking milestones such as a child’s first day of school or moving into one’s first apartment is not part of the liturgical tradition, nor is it necessarily part of home-based rituals. Yet marking these events is an important aspect of faith formation. With the introduction of the Adult Milestones Series, the “Taking Faith Home” folk of Vibrant Faith Ministries have developed a resource that addresses significant but largely unrecognized life-transitions. Each Milestone resource names, claims and recommends meaningful actions related to retirement, moving to a new home because of downsizing, taking on the care of an elderly parent, and more. The two-page PDF documents can be used in the home, in small congregational groups or with the entire congregation. They can be downloaded individually or as a set. Also available are Milestones for children and youth.