Alive Now

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Published since 1971 and with more than 29,000 current subscribers, Alive Now is a devotional magazine that nurtures the spiritual lives of individuals who are eager to engage with God. Described as prayerful, practical and powerful, every issue focuses on a particular theme and is filled with scripture, prayers, meditations, inspirational stories, poetry, reflection aids, photographs and art. For those wanting a simple, uncluttered, all-in-one resource, Alive Now is a great option. The magazine can be ordered through the website in an electronic format for your web browser, phone, tablet or Kindle and is also available in print form. Those who are looking for a generous, ecumenical Christian spirituality resource will find Alive Now a very readable, meaningful, practical and spiritually nurturing guide for your personal spiritual life. This magazine can also be ordered in larger quantities at a discounted price to offer to congregations and for use with small groups.