American Association of Pastoral Counselors

Fairfax, VA. (703) 385-6967.
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The American Association of Pastoral Counselors is dedicated to bringing healing, hope and wholeness to individuals and families by integrating spirituality and psychology into all their care, counseling, and psychotherapy training, programs and endeavors. Their core values include "excellence in practice, accountability and ethics; respect for the rich diversity of human life...religion, spirituality; ongoing critical analysis and revision of their practice and organization; and lifelong personal, spiritual and professional formation." Collaborative partnerships with religious institutions and mental health-related community organizations provide a broad base for their strong leadership and visibility in training faith leaders, lay persons and behavioral health partners. In addition to being a certifying agency for institutions which offer degree programs in professional Pastoral Counseling, the AAPC offers training for clergy, students and lay counselors as Pastoral Care Specialists. Their website lists counseling centers and pastoral counselors across the country.