Avoiding All-Out Church War

Building Church Leaders, 2015. Accessed July 2, 2019.
Large avoiding all out church war

Unlike the typical brief format of Building Church Leaders training packs, most of the articles in this collection require full-length study sessions. Designed for use based on topical interest or as a multi-part series, “Avoiding All-Out Church War” contains eight articles. Larry Osborne’s 8-page, “Stopping Conflict Before It Starts” discusses what he has learned over many years as a lead pastor, and includes practical advice on how to preempt congregational, board, and staff conflict. “Inside Church Fights” advises how to “manage conflict in any given situation,” and ends with a 6-point assessment. The timely, “When Community Strife Divides the Church” could find resonance in many congregations today. Two articles do fit the 20-minute format and could be incorporated into regularly scheduled meetings. While conflict is inevitable, congregations can learn fruitful ways to meet and mitigate it using this wise and practical package. Download it upon purchase for instant access.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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