Before You Hire a Youth Pastor: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Fit

by Mark DeVries, Jeff Dunn-Rankin. Group Publishing, Inc., 2011.
Large before you hire a youth pastor

The most important investment a congregation can make in its next youth pastor is taking the time and energy to carry out a top-notch search. This book by veteran youth leaders and consultants gives congregations the tools they need to do just that. Based on the authors’ experience with dozens of congregations, it offers how-to’s on forming a search committee, conducting an interview, creating a job description that matches the congregation’s vision and mission, and even where to advertise to reach the best candidates. An appendix provides sample job descriptions, letter templates, spreadsheets and more. Before You Hire a Youth Pastor Resource Pack: Forms, Tools and Resources to Find the Right Fit is a CD ROM that includes items from the book’s appendix in Word format for easy customization and reproduction. Extensive content for search teams is available free of charge at {{ |}}.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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