Being the Church in a Multi-Ethnic Community: Why it Matters and How It Works

by Gary L. McIntosh, Alan McMahan. Wesleyan Publishing House, 2012.
Large being the church in a multi ethnic community

Perhaps the greatest service the authors provide as they address the theme of being the church in a multi-ethnic community is to remind readers why it matters and to guide them on how it works. Church Growth consultants Gary L. McIntosh and Alan McMahan, both faculty at Biola University, emphasize Jesus’ “Great Commission” as the mandate for “why it matters” to reach “the peoples.” With charts and graphs, they advocate for the use of the term multi-ethnic rather than multiracial, multinational, or multicultural and state that an ethnic group is defined as people with a distinct language and culture. They explore a variety of multi-ethnic models - renters, investors, neighbors, co-workers, and siblings - and develop chapters on mono-ethnic, immigrant, urban, reconciliation, and transitional churches. Readers will find that questions at the end of each chapter offer tools for planning ministry to and with the ethnic presence in their local communities.

Reviewed by Phyllis Wezeman

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