Bridges: 15 Sessions to Connect Teenagers and Adults on Drugs and Alcohol, Decision-Making, Communications, Character, Independence, Sexuality

by Mark DeVries, Nan Russell. InterVarsity Press, 1996.
Large bridges 15

“Kids grow best toward mature Christian adulthood when they have ample opportunity to interact with mature Christian adults.” This family-based youth ministry philosophy has been developed over years of experience by youth pastor and parent, Mark DeVries. Together with writer, teacher and parent, Nan Russell, he has developed a guide to facilitate important conversations on topics of critical concern to parents and teens. Each session, which is meant for teens and parents together, contains multiple activity options divided into three “movements” and time frames: Creating an Appetite for Learning (20-40 minutes), Engaging the Brain, Igniting the Heart (30-45 minutes), and Taking it Home (5 minutes). Designed to fill a 50-55-minute time frame, the authors provide a rich array of choices, assuring that if one activity fizzles, there are plenty of backups for an effective session. The material is flexible enough to be incorporated into Sunday School classes in two-to three-session blocks, youth group meetings or weekend retreats. For more on family-based youth ministry, read Mark DeVries’ book by the same name and visit the {{Ministry Architects website |}}. Mark DeVries is also available as a congregational consultant and workshop leader.

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