Building Type Basics for Places of Worship

by Nicholas W. Roberts. Wiley Publishing, 2004.
Large building type basics worship

Here architect Nicholas Roberts provides an ecumenical and inter-faith resource that is specifically designed to address the preplanning and early construction questions and needs of congregations that are engaging in new construction. Congregations of all traditions have many concerns about building a new facility. Some are practical, such as functionality, financing, maintenance, and mechanical and lighting systems. Some are more theoretical, such as aesthetics, historical coherence, and the very idea of encountering the divine in a particular space. Roberts’ work takes all of these concerns into account and offers wise guidance on all of these topics and more. The glossary, illustrations, a list of important questions, and an extensive index make this resource particularly user-friendly. The content is appropriate for project managers, building committees, pastors, rabbis, and other religious leaders who want to learn more about the issues that arise when building a new facility.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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