Calvin O. Pressley on the Financing of Historic Black Churches

Resources for American Christianity , June 10, 2000. Accessed November 16, 2018.
Large calvin o pressley report

In this interview, former United Methodist pastor and leader Rev. Dr. Calvin O. Pressley discusses his research on historic black churches and congregational giving. His research includes motivation for giving, transparency with respect to spending, and the role of faith in relationship to giving. Pressley suggests that congregants should have a deeper understanding of the connection between giving and the church’s mission and that leaders need to do a more effective job of constructing and communicating budgetary needs. This, Pressley says, is the real challenge - one of leadership. Pressley also addresses the impact of black clergy in today’s context, what youth are taught about giving, and the role of women with respect to congregational giving. While Pressley’s research and this subsequent interview focus on historic black churches, Pressley’s knowledge, experience, and perspective on leadership and congregational giving will give a variety of traditions much to consider.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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