Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement

by Kari Dunn Saratovsky, Derrick Feldmann. Jossey-Bass, 2013.
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What makes young adults tick? Congregations whose leadership and culture are dominated by older generations often struggle to understand and connect with the millennials in their midst. Millennials are the 80 million-member generation born between 1982 and 2002. Research shows that this cohort is innovative, entrepreneurial, generous with their time and resources, and ready to make a difference. Cause for Change offers insights and practical tools that congregations can use. Researched and written by millennials, it is designed to help service organizations develop strategies that are right for engaging this networked generation. Central to the book is the authors’ Millennial Development Platform, a practical framework for creating a “long-term millennial engagement strategy.” While not specifically aimed at congregations, Cause for Change provides congregations with ways to activate and partner with millennials in effecting positive change.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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