Center For Church Communication

Los Angeles, CA.
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The Center for Church Communication provides church communicators with resources, models, learning opportunities, ideas, and inspiration for clearly communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ: “We provide smart coaching and mentoring through social media, publishing, events and one-on-one relationships, spotlighting communication that is true, good and beautiful-prompting others to do the same-so that more outsiders become a part of a church community.” At the Center for Church Communications, coaching and mentoring of church communicators come via “Labs.” The Knowledge Lab includes the Center’s blog and a section that highlights “churches that are excelling in brilliant communication.” The Connection Lab facilitates regional peer groups, offers online posts and feedback of one’s work, and describes the Center’s workshops. A unique feature of the workshops - called the Certification Lab - is the mentoring opportunity that extends past the on-site workshop itself. The Resource Lab includes a Church Marketing Directory and a calendar that identifies communication and marketing events from Tennessee to Australia. The Center’s resources and programs are particularly appropriate for congregations that are concerned with how Christians are sometimes heard and perceived by those outside the church and for those congregations that want to use their communication tools to emphasize evangelism.

Curator Curated by Janet Hoover

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