The Center for Parish Development

Palatine, IL. (773) 752-1596.
Large center for parish development

The Center for Parish Development doesn’t use the word transformation lightly. This organization, located in Chicago, Illinois, is serious about helping your congregation live fully into its God-appointed mission. It does so through a variety of education events, resources (many downloadable) and consulting. Much of what this Center does is from a missional perspective; it is interested in helping congregations serve the world beyond their membership. This includes becoming attentive to what God is doing in the community where your congregation is located. It also includes equipping members to offer their time and talents to the needs beyond the local congregation. Ministry Planning and Review is a signature program. Congregations that participate in this training clarify key result areas. Leaders also learn to align time available for ministry with the time needed for ministry. The website representing the organization contains information about all of the Center’s programs, as well free downloadable essays and white papers. Congregations that use this resource can expect a change in form and an expansion in mission. The Center for Parish Development helps congregations take transformation seriously.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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