Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI)

Vancouver, WA. (800) 234-2446.
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Copyright infringement is a serious - and potentially costly - legal offense. CCLI provides congregations the legal means to utilize copyrighted music in worship. Their basic service is the Church Copyright License, which grants access to more than 300,000 songs. The annual licensing fee is priced according to worship attendance. Other products include a “Rehearse” option that allows worship and choir leaders to access and distribute commercial recordings for rehearsal use. The “Stream” option allows streaming of live performances over the church website or a streaming service. Perhaps most versatile is the “Song Select” service, which provides lyrics, audio recordings, chord sheets and vocal sheets, with permission to transpose and otherwise customize a song. The smartphone app makes any of these services portable. Purchasers can use the web-based search feature to determine whether a song is under license agreement. Worship leaders, music directors and administrators are most likely to use this resource.

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