Church Hospitality

Bill Tenny-Brittian. Accessed November 21, 2018.
Large church hospitality

Here congregations gain access to three free, downloadable hospitality resources and one for-purchase hospitality training pack that are designed to teach congregations effective hospitality skills and techniques. The first free resource is a brief, three-page article, and it addresses how to make a good first impression. The second is an eight-page e-book that teaches congregations how to help visitors makes relationships in a congregation and eventually become members. The third is a six-minute video that details the “7 Deadly Church Hospitality Sins.” All of the free material is sent to users over a period of several days in exchange for the user’s name and e-mail address. The for-purchase hospitality pack contains three “seasonal hospitality training videos,” numerous articles, and three DVDs that can be used with small groups. Both the free and for-purchase materials are for Christian congregations. They can be used as training material for greeters and leaders and as sermon material for preachers.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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