Church Planter Candidate Assessment

Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large church planter candidate assessment

If only everyone could do every task equally well. Yet, that is not the way it goes. This is true in all aspects of life including congregational leadership. How can you tell if you or someone you are working with has the traits to be a church planter? The Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA) is a statistically validated online tool. It helps potential church planters, and their respective organizations, identify strengths and development needs as such folk discern the possibilities of a church planting role. This tool was developed by LifeWay Research. It is statistically reliable. The instrument applies over 20 reliable scales. Not only are the questions provided online, but the results of the assessment are provided through logging in with an assigned password. The results are provided immediately. Knowledge of self is an asset for any congregational leader. This tool provides just that for those considering or participating in church planting.