Clergy Sexual Misconduct: Awareness and Prevention

web resource
Accessed April 19, 2017.

Baylor University’s website offers individuals and congregations several resources related to clergy sexual misconduct. Links to research studies include “The Prevalence of Clergy Sexual Advances towards Adults in Their Congregations” and “How Clergy Sexual Misconduct Happens: a Qualitative Study of First-Hand Accounts.” Links to four case studies are offered, as are seven articles about clergy sexual misconduct. Additionally, “Power and the Christian” is a free, downloadable curriculum for individual or group study that includes scripture, reflection questions, and links to videos. Lastly, additional resources include a sample code of ethics, hints for preventing abuse, the civil and criminal consequences of sexual misconduct, the vulnerability of both clergy and laypeople in counseling sessions, and an extensive annotated bibliography of organizations, websites, and books for congregations, leaders, and sexual abuse survivors and their families. The prevalence of clergy abuse makes this an important resource for Christian clergy and lay-people.