Confronting Gun Violence at Church

Church Law and Tax Group. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large confronting gun violence at church

“Grappling with how to have an open church with an open gospel, while providing for the security and safety of people at worship and study” is unfortunately one of the challenges facing contemporary congregations. Gun violence in houses of worship is a reality. Preparing for the worst-case scenario with respect to gun violence is the thrust of this article offered by Christianity Today. Congregations can assess their readiness and procedures, and learn how to interact with the media. Leaders can review the pros and cons of hiring security guards, having undercover or off-duty law enforcement personnel present, installing security cameras, or implementing all of the above. Stories of congregations that have experienced gun violence, tips for using the information, and additional resources are also shared. Though the perspective is Christian, the information is appropriate for clergy, lay-leaders, and judicatory personnel from a variety of religious traditions.