Creating a Hospice Ministry for Churches

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Ed Stetzer. September 3, 2014. Accessed April 19, 2017.

Contributing editor for Christianity Today Ed Stetzer calls for denominations and churches to begin anticipating and preparing for church closures in a proactive way rather than continuing to react after the fact. This begins with being honest about a church that is nearing death, recognizing the signs in order to create a process of death with dignity. One important dynamic if the church decides to create a legacy project (bequeathing building and/or assets to another ministry or faith community), is confronting questions of worrying about what the new church will do with “our building” or “our money.” Communicating well and creating a narrative centered around rebirth rather than failure can lead to celebrating transitions that reinforce what new things God will bring out of a church brave enough to die. This resource can help church leaders design a death process for a church that is both spiritually grounded and systemically savvy.