Culturally-Conscious Worship

by Kathy Black. Chalice Press, 2000.
Large culturally conscious

Although Professor Kathleen Black’s book was published more than a decade ago, readers may come away with the view that Black was ahead of her time. One of Black’s goals is to identify the challenges that congregations face in trying to be sensitive to and reflect the different ethnicities and cultures in a congregational worship setting. Specific topics include a conversation on multi-culturalism, a theology of worship, and definitions of terms (race, ethnicity, culture, etc.) in the introduction. The appendices provide additional worship resources. One appendix identifies hymns from a variety of cultures around the world and the hymnals in which they can be found. Another appendix offers a list of hymns set to traditional tunes but with contemporary words that embrace a multi-cultural context and reflect multi-cultural worship. Black’s work is user-friendly, hospitable, and written for worship leaders and pastors from a variety of Christian traditions.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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