D6 Family: A Family Ministry Movement Connecting Church and Home

Nashville, TN. (800) 877-7030.

Parents are their children’s most effective teachers, asserts pastor, writer and teacher, Ron Hunter. Based on that conviction, Hunter founded D6 Family to empower parents as the primary “disciplers” of the home. The church’s role, he believes, is to equip them. To that end, D6 provides a range of resources. Hunter’s book, The DNA of D6 (Deuteronomy 6) is a comprehensive guide to the philosophy and mechanics of creating a D6 family ministry. A free, 30-day YouTube video series can be used in conjunction with the book for small group study. D6 curriculum options include a six-year intergenerational series and a 52-week children’s worship program that comes with a weekly parent podcast. The national D6 conference gives ministry teams tools and inspiration to jump-start a D6 ministry at home. Visit the website for even more resources. This biblically-based approach is readily accessible across Christian traditions from evangelical to mainline.