Empowerment: A Key Component of Christian Community Development

Robert Lupton. Dvd. Christian Community Development Association, 2010.

Empowerment is the first in a series of Toolkits produced by the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) to teach their unique approach to neighborhood-based ministry. The DVD and workbook-style curriculum gives an overview of the CCDA approach, a model that seeks to transform under-resourced communities by working with community leaders to identify assets and develop skills and capacities. This Toolkit defines CCDA’s understanding of empowerment and compares it to other approaches they believe are less effective and even harmful. It gives practical examples of empowerment work and offers concrete strategies for congregational engagement. The DVD consists of two lecture-style workshops taught by Robert Lupton. The accompanying {{curriculum | http://ccda.org/product/empowerment-a-key-component-of-christian-community-development/}} provides additional examples, exercises, and discussion questions. The Addendum offers a Bible study using the book of Nehemiah to understand the empowerment process. This curriculum is a natural “next step” for congregations looking to expand their understanding of community ministry beyond charitable giving.