Energizing Children's Ministry in the Smaller Church

by Dr. Rick Chromey. Standard Publishing Co., 2008.
Large energizing childrens ministry

“Dynamic smaller churches (regardless of size) and growing churches (also regardless of size) nearly always have children’s ministry as a congregational priority.” Teacher, practitioner and parent Rick Chromey uses story, information and practical tools in this guide for congregations with 200 or fewer persons in worship attendance. He addresses core topics such as teacher training and support, program planning and evaluation, and children and worship. “Teaching to Produce Learning” charts outline developmental progression by age group, with age-appropriate teaching methods and outcomes. Financially strapped programs will appreciate “Top Ten Ways for Cutting the Budget (Without Hurting Your Ministry to Children)”. For leaders looking to understand how times are changing, there is a chart comparing traits of Modernity (1500-2000) to Post-Modernity (2000-?). With a blend of emergent and evangelical perspectives, this guidebook will speak to a wide audience of children’s ministry leaders.