Engage Conflict Well: A Guide to Prepare Yourself and Others to Engage in Conflict Transformation

JustPeace Center for Mediation and Conflict Transformation, 2011.
Large engage conflict well

This 12-page booklet is divided into two sections --- first addressing the individual's internal process to address conflict, then applying those principles to the work of engaging others in conflict transformation.

Offerings: bibliography, training opportunities, engaging others in conflict transformation, the Circle Way, strategies for conflict intervention, scripture, examples

Best For: clergy and lay leaders

Cost: free downloadable PDF, purchase as a book

Suggested Uses:

  • Build upon the tips provided in this book by pursuing the training opportunities included.
  • Guide your congregation through conflict by following strategies for conflict intervention, encouraging collaboration, and applying The Circle Way process during meetings.

Curator Curated by Wendy McCormick

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