Engage Conflict Well: A Guide to Prepare Yourself and Others to Engage in Conflict Transformation

JustPeace Center for Mediation and Conflict Transformation, 2011.
Large engage conflict well

Using the image of filling a well, the first half of the booklet is devoted to the personal, interior work of preparing to address conflict. Stories, examples and scripture verses combine with bulleted principles and tips for changing one’s attitude toward conflict, grounding oneself in God’s love and the spiritual tradition of reconciliation, and preparing to listen well, to speak truth, to be imaginative and forgiving. The second half of this 12-page booklet moves to the work of engaging others in conflict transformation, briefly highlighting strategies for conflict intervention, collaboration, covenants, and circle process. A bibliography of books and training opportunities is included. Persons teaching or reflecting on biblical themes of reconciliation and peacemaking, as well as those engaging in particular situations of conflict in a congregation or in the wider community will benefit from this brief and easily accessible booklet. JustPeace is a United Methodist organization, but Christians of varying backgrounds will likely find this publication helpful and relevant. A digital copy may be downloaded for free and print copies are available for a very minimal cost.

Author Curated by Wendy McCormick

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