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Large evangelism coach

EvangelismCoach is committed to providing congregations with all the tools and strategies they need to train and send Christian evangelists to fulfill the Great Commission. They offer a variety of services, including hospitality and evangelism coaching and/or seminars for individuals and teams, books, free weekly e-newsletter, workshops, links to additional resources, articles, a blog, greeter training, free and for-purchase resources, and Facebook conversations. Evangelism training is also offered in the MP3 format. A few specific training and article topics include the following: “Duties of Church Hospitality Committee or Team,” “10 Roles an Evangelism Committee Can Have in The Church,” “Quit Your Whining About the Noah Movie-use it instead for evangelism,” “How to Give Constructive Feedback to Your Church Greeters,” and a live webinar titled “Simple Growth Steps.” The organization’s perspective is Christian, and Christians will find themselves most comfortable with the organization and its offerings.