Extending the Front Porch: Is Your Church Ready for a Garden?

by Kendra Juskus. Flourish Magazine , 2010. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large extending the front porch

“Much like a front porch, a garden welcomes us into a relaxed, fresh air setting and encourages curiosity among passersby, strengthening community ties.” Even without an actual front porch, congregations can develop a “front porch culture” by creating garden spaces. For those who wonder whether a garden project is right for their congregation, poet and environmental advocate, Juskus, provides a ten-point readiness questionnaire that takes readers through a checklist of basic considerations. From building congregational support, to assessing physical space and financial needs, to deciding what kind of garden to plant, this brief article provides conversation starters and plenty of practical information. Nice photo illustrations complement the written word. Any individual or group wishing to explore their congregation’s garden potential could benefit from the insights and direction found in this article. Note that not all links to further resources are operable.