Facility Stewardship: Managing What God Has Entrusted to You

by Timothy Cool. Cool Solutions Group, 2016.
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Don’t just react to your facility’s maintenance issues. Manage them proactively by establishing a preventive maintenance system. This 300-page manual from a church facilities expert provides tools to help congregations stay on top of the care and upkeep of their buildings. There are checklists that identify and track needed preventive actions. A conditions assessment form guides periodic inspections of interior and exterior elements of the building, such as windows and doors, restrooms and kitchens. For every item inspected, there is space to rate its condition, recommend repair or replacement, estimate its remaining lifespan, and make comments. One chapter discusses facility management staff roles and job descriptions; another features key challenges that facility managers face. The binder-type manual might seem costly at just under $200, but congregations can consider it an investment in future resources saved and problems averted. For a preview, download the free 36-page primer at {{CoolSolutionsGroup.com | https://www.coolsolutionsgroup.com/resources/}}.