Festival of Homiletics

Luther Theological Seminary. (651) 523-1645. festival@luthersem.edu. Accessed November 26, 2018.
Large festival homiletics

This week-long annual conference aims to “engage theologically the practices of preaching and worship” in contemporary culture. The event features dozens of notable presenters and performers, such as (in 2015) Brian McLaren, Will Willimon, Nadia Bolz Weber, and the “Pulpit Fiction” podcasters. Various program components offer multiple entry points into the subject. These include worship, lectures, and a long menu of workshop options. Founded in 1992 by a Presbyterian minister, the Festival now takes place under the auspices of Luther Seminary, with the location changing from year to year to reflect its national reach. The Festival of Homiletics is designed to strengthen or recharge the working preacher’s passion for communicating the Gospel, and might fulfill continuing education commitments. It is open to any and all who are interested in examining and celebrating the role of preaching today.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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