Finance, Facilities and Administration

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Accessed April 19, 2017.

The days of financing congregations through paid memberships or dues are fading fast. In a quest to find another way, the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ) led a 2-year study examining the relationship between “congregational engagement and financial support.” The resulting downloadable report, “Reimagining Financial Support for 21st Century Congregations” details what 17 cohort congregations learned. In short, when congregations have a clear sense of whom they are, and are intentional about communicating the financial costs of community life, they often gain­­­ in participation and hold their ground financially. This document can be used for study and planning. The website links to a communications and collaboration platform called the Tent, which allows leaders to converse on specific topics such as Temple Administration, finance, facilities, and safety measures. Access to the Tent is granted to members in good standing of a URJ-affiliated congregations.